The prices shown apply to individual registrations.
Our web packages include the fees for one or more .DE domains.
Please see the product description for further details.

ToplevelPayment period Price
 .de 1 year 12,50 €
 .eu 1 year12,50 €
 .com 1 year22,00 €
 .net 1 year22,00 €
 .org 1 year22,00 €
 .biz 1 year22,00 €
 .info 1 year22,00 €
 .tv 1 year60,00 €
 .at 1 year27,00 €
 .ch 1 year35,00 €
 .li 1 year35,00 €

In 2023 prices have changed drastically. We try to pass on the cheapest price.
The prices for over 50 additional top-level domains are available upon request.

We also offer our server customers access to our domain robots with discounted domain prices. Ask us.

Legal information for registrants of .com, .net, .info, .org and biz domains can be found  here .

A description of the duties and responsibilities of a registrant can be found  here .