additional services

Additional services hosting, reseller accounts:

a)  Modification DNS server e.g. entry on external IP address.

Price per domain: 5.00 euros.

b) Password recovery (reset request) 11.90 euros.

Additional services dedicated server: 

a)  New installation of the operating system including WHM / cPanel: EUR 59.00.

b) Servercheck: 39,00 Euro.

c) Password recovery: 11.90 euros. (When using a recovery CD: 39.00 euros)

Sunday and public holiday surcharges: 

  • General surcharge: 20%
  • Surcharge Easter: 30%
  • Surcharge New Year’s Eve / New Year: 40%
  • Surcharge for Christmas holidays: 50%

i) System technician work unit (all services not already listed)

EUR 22.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof