Softaculous 自動インストーラーSoftaculous は、  260 の
すばらしいスクリプトと 1115 の PHP クラスを備えたナンバー 1 の自動インストーラーであり、常に追加を続けています。Softaculous は Web ホスティング業界で広く使用されており、何百万人ものユーザーがボタンをクリックするだけでアプリケーションをインストールできるように支援してきました。

ブログ  (WordPress、Serendipity、Dotclear、b2evolution、Textpattern、SitePad、FlatExpress)

ポータル / CMS (Joomla、Open Real Estate、Concrete5、MODX、e107、Xoops、CMS Made Simple、Drupal、PHP-Fusion、Geeklog、Composr、Zikula、WebsiteBaker、SilverStripe、Tiki Wiki CMS グループウェア、Contao、Sitemagic CMS、GRAV、 Redaxscript、Quick.CMS、ImpressCMS、phpwcms、Microweber、OctoberCMS、WonderCMS、Pimcore、liveSite、Bladit、Mahara、Bolt、Jamroom、Fork、PluXml、Pagekit、Kirby、Tiki Wiki CMS グループウェア 21、TYPO03、CSZ CMS、WBCE CMS、 Atlantis CMS、TYPO03 9、Directus、NukeViet CMS、Croogo、Pluk、Kopage、Plikli CMS、Zenario、Tiki Wiki CMS グループウェア 15、LEPTON、ClassicPress、SCHLIX CMS、CMSimple、ExpressionEngine、Concrete5 5.6、GeniXCMS、Drupal 8、Zsite、SofaWiki 、ジルクラ 1.5)

フォーラム(phpBB、SMF、MyBB、Vanilla、FluxBB、ElkArte、FUDforum、MiniBB、LayerBB、My Little Forum)

画像ギャラリー(Piwigo、Coppermine、TinyWebGallery、Chevereto Free、Lychee、iGalerie)

Wiki (MediaWiki 1.27、MediaWiki 1.31、MediaWiki、DokuWiki、PmWiki、Wikkawik​​i)

ソーシャル ネットワーク(Dolphin、pH7CMS、Jcow、Elgg、オープン ソース ソーシャル ネットワーク、HumbHumb、UNA、Hubzilla、Elgg 3)

広告管理(Revive Adserver、Yclas)


電子メール(Roundcube、phpList、WebMail Lite、RainLoop Webmail)

調査と分析(LimeSurvey、Matomo、Open Web Analytics、Logaholic、Framedate)

プロジェクト管理(dotProject、Rukovoditel、Mantis Bug Tracker、The Bug Genie、Kanboard、Snipe-IT、phpCollab、Admidio、ProjeQtOr、SOPlanning、Zen Tao、WebCollab、Bugs、Eventum、TestLink)

ショップシステム(PrestaShop 1.6、PrestaShop 1.7、AbanteCart、WHMCS、Magento、Magento 1.9、Magento 2.0、Magento 2.4、OpenCart、CE Phoenix、Zen Cart、LieteCart、three bees、Invoice Ninja、CubeCart、x-Cart、オープンソース POS [OPOS]、Blesta、InvoicePlane、Shopware、Thelia 2、ClientExec、ClicShopping、Bagisto、PEEL SHOPPING、WhatACart、Maian Cart)

ERP (Vtiger CRM, Dolibarr, Akaunting, YetiForce, SuiteCRM, FrontAccounting, OrangeHRM, EGroupware, EspoCRM, Zurmo, webERP, ChurchCRM, Group Office, Tine 2.0, IceHrm, Zdoo)

カスタマー サービス(osTicket、HESK、Mibew Messenger、Live Helper Chat、Faveo Helpdesk、Vision Helpdesk、OpenSupports、phpMyFAQ、Maian Support、FreeScout、UVdesk、Attendize)

フレームワーク(Laravel、CodeIgniter、yii、Bootstrap、CakePHP、Symfony、Ulkit、Smary、FuelPHP、HTML Purifer、Symfony3、Webasyst、PRADO)

教育(Chamilo、Moodle、TCExam、Omeka、Forma LMS、Gibbon、ILIAS、Xerte オンライン ツールキット、Savsoft Quiz、Moodle)

データベース ツール(phpMyAdmin、SIDU、Adminer、phpLietAdmin)

音楽(Podcast Generator、Ampache)

RSS (Tiny Tiny RSS、SimplePie、FreshRSS)

ファイル管理(ownCloud、ProjectSend、Nextcloud、Pydio、eXtplorer、LetoDMS、FileRun、Monsta FTP、SeedDMS、net2ftp)

Andere (Seo Panel, Open Journal Systems [OJS], Mautic, Question2Answer, YOURLS, Form Tools, SPIP, GLPI, webtrees, wallabag, InfiniteWP, Firefly III, Agora-Project, BlaB! AX, UserSpice, DomainMOD, Commentics, Kimai, Fusio、Open Monograph Press、HuMo-Genealogie、Unmark、Open Preprint Systems [OPS]、Omeka S)

Java スクリプト(jQuery、AngularJS、Vue.js、Dijo、Raphael、Modernizr、Sizzle、Dropzone.Js、LESS、JSZip)

Perl (ダダメール)


WordpressWordPressWordPress is a cutting-edge publishing platform with an emphasis on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
SerendipitySerendipityPHP based flexible blogging / CMS application
DotclearDotclearDotclear is open source web publishing software
b2evolutionb2evolutionb2evolution is a powerful blog tool
TextpatternTextpatternTextpattern is a flexible, elegant and user-friendly content management system.
SitePadSitePadWith SitePad, you can create professional websites with an easy-to-use editor, 400+ themes, 500+ pre-built sections, etc.
FlatPressFlatPressFlatPress is a blogging engine that saves your posts as plain text files. 
Forget SQL! You just need some PHP.

Portals / CMS

Joomla JoomlaJoomla is an award-winning CMS that allows you to create websites and powerful online applications.
Open Real EstateOpen Real EstateOpen Real Estate is free software for building real estate agency and broker websites.
Concrete5Concrete5Concrete5 makes running a website easy.
MODXMODXWith MODX, you can take control of your online content.
e107e107e107 is a content management system written in PHP and MySQL
Xoops is an easy-to-use dynamic web content management system written in PHP
CMS Made SimpleCMS Made SimpleCMS Made Simple offers a quick and easy way to create a professional website
DrupalDrupalDrupal is an open source content management platform
PHP-FusionPHP-FusionPHP-Fusion is a lightweight, open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP 5.
GeeklogGeeklogGeeklog is a PHP/MySQL based dynamic web content management application.
Composr ComposrocPortal is the website content management system (CMS) for creating and managing a dynamic website.
ZikulaZikulaZikula is a web application toolkit that allows you to run stunning websites and build powerful online applications.
WebsiteBakerWebsiteBakerWebsite Baker is a PHP-based content management system
SilverStripeSilverStripeSilverStripe CMS is an open-source web content management system used by governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations around the world.
Tiki Wiki CMS GroupwareTiki Wiki CMS GroupwareTiki is your groupware / CMS (Content Management System) solution
ProcessWireProcessWireProcessWire is a free PHP5 content management system and framework (open source CMS / CMF) that allows you to save time and work the way you do.
ContaoContaoContao is an open source content management system (CMS) for people who want a professional website that is easy to maintain.
Sitemagic CMSSitemagic CMSSitemagic CMS is a lightweight yet very powerful content management system.
GRAVGRAVGrav is a modern open source flat file CMS.
RedaxscriptRedaxscriptRedaxscript is a free, PHP and MySQL driven content management system for small businesses and personal websites. It is extremely light, simple and customizable.
Quick.CMSQuick.CMSEasy to customize and use the content management system. 
CMS offers the possibility to add a unique design to each page.
ImpressCMSImpressCMS is a community developed content management system to easily create and manage a dynamic website.
phpwcmsphpwcmsphpwcms is a robust and simple, yet powerful web-based content management system
microweberMicroweberMicroweber is an open source drag and drop CMS.
OktoberCMSOktoberCMSOctoberCMS is a free, open source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
WonderCMSWonderCMSWonderCMS is a totally free, open source content management system, or in other words, a free website builder.
PimcorePimcorePimcore is an open source CMS that will rock your world.
liveSiteliveSiteliveSite is a collaborative community for free and open source software projects in healthcare IT.
bluditBluditBludit is a fast, simple, extensible and flat file CMS. 
Create your own blog in seconds
MaharaMaharaMahara is an open source ePortfolio system with a flexible display framework.
boltBoltBolt Sophisticated, lightweight and simple CMS.
JamroomJamroomJamroom is a community content management system. You can bring your entire community online to participate in creating content for your websites.
ForkForkFork is an open source CMS that will rock your world.
PluxmlPluXmlPluXml Blog or CMS to Xml
pagekitPagekitPagekit is a modular and lightweight CMS built using modern technologies
kirbyKirbyKirby is a file-based CMS.
Tiki Wiki CMS GroupwareTiki Wiki CMS Groupware 21TikiWiki (Tiki) is your groupware / CMS (Content Management System) solution
TYPO3TYPO3TYPO3 is a free, open source content management system for enterprise use
CSZ CMSCSZ CMSCSZ CMS is an open source web application that can be used to manage all content and settings on the websites.
WBCE CMSWBCE CMSWBCE is a very user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).
Atlantis CMSAtlantis CMSAtlantis CMS A free agency CMS loved by marketers and developers
TYPO3 TYPO3 9TYPO3 is a free, open source content management system for enterprise use
DirectusDirectusA headless CMS that manages your content, not your workflow.
NukeViet CMSNukeViet CMSNukeViet CMS is a multi content management system
CroogoCroogoCroogo is a free, open-source PHP content management system released under the MIT License.
pluckPluckPluck is your small and simple content management system written in PHP. 
With pluck you can easily manage your own website without any knowledge of programming languages.
Kopage is a website builder for web hosts and web hosting industry.
Plikli CMSPlikli CMSPlikli CMS is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Pligg and Kliqqi, hence the name PliKli!
ZenarioZenarioPlikli CMS is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Pligg and Kliqqi, hence the name PliKli!
Tiki Wiki CMS GroupwareTiki Wiki CMS Groupware 15TikiWiki (Tiki) is your groupware / CMS (Content Management System) solution
leptonLEPTONLEPTON is an easy-to-use but fully customizable Content Management System (CMS).
classicpressClassicPressClassicPress is a community-led open-source content management system and a fork of WordPress that keeps the classic TinyMCE editor as the default option.
SCHLIX CMSSCHLIX CMSSCHLIX CMS is a lightweight, extensible content management system for publishing websites and blogs.
CMSimpleCMSimpleCMSimple is a PHP-based Content Management System (CMS) that does not require a database.
ExpressionEngineExpressionEngineExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich, free, open-source content management platform.
Concrete5Concrete5 5.6Concrete5 makes running a website easy.
GeniXCMSGeniXCMSGeniXCMS is a PHP-based Content Management System and Framework (CMSF).
DrupalDrupal 8Drupal is an open source content management platform
zsiteZsiteZsite is used to create professional corporate marketing websites to promote products and develop business.
sofawikiSofaWikiSofaWiki is a file-based CMS based on PHP.
ZikulaZikula 1.5Zikula is a web application toolkit that allows you to run stunning websites and build powerful online applications.


phpBB phpBBThe most widely used open source forum solution
SMFSMFSMF is a free, professional software package that you can use to set up your own online community
MyBBMyBBIt is the easy-to-use, multi-language, powerful, feature-rich free forum software
VanillaVanillaVanilla forums are open-source, standards-compliant, and customizable discussion forums.
fluxbbFluxBBFluxBB is a free, open source forum application that’s fast, lightweight, and easy to use
ElkArteElkArteElkArte is a modern, powerful community building forum software.
FUDforumFUDforumFUDforum (Fast Uncompromising Discussion Forum) is a free, open-source web discussion forum released under the GPL (version 2) license, written in PHP and usable on virtually any operating system.
minibbminiBBminiBB is an independent open source program for building your own internet forum.
layerbbLayerBBLayerBB is a small but feature-rich community software that allows you to quickly and easily start your own community.
my little forummy little forum is a simple PHP and MySQL based internet forum that displays the messages in the classic thread view (tree structure).

Image Galleries:

piwigoPiwigoPiwigo is photo gallery software for the web
CoppermineCoppermineCoppermine is a versatile, full-featured, and integrated web image gallery script written in PHP
ZenphotoZenphotoa simpler web photo gallery
TinyWebGalleryTinyWebGalleryTinyWebGallery is a free PHP based photo album/gallery
Chevereto FreeChevereto FreeChevereto is a powerful and fast image upload script that allows you to create your own full-featured image hosting website in minutes
LycheeLycheeLychee is a free photo management tool that runs on your server or web space.
iGalerieiGalerieThe iGallery represents a paradigm shift in the creation and maintenance of personal websites for science and research.


MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.27MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP and originally used for Wikipedia
 DokuWikiDokuWiki is a standards-compliant, easy-to-use wiki primarily aimed at creating documentation of any kind.
MediaWikiMediaWikiMediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP and originally used for Wikipedia
PmWikiPmWikiPmWiki is a wiki-based system for the collaborative creation and maintenance of websites
WikkaWikiWikkaWikiWikkawiki is a flexible, standards-compliant, and lightweight wiki engine.
MediaWikiMediaWiki 1.31MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP and originally used for Wikipedia

social network

Dolphin DolphinThe world’s most advanced community software
pH7CMSpH7CMSpH7CMS The First and Best Open Source Social Dating Site
JcowJcowJcow is flexible social networking software written in PHP.
ElggElggElgg empowers individuals, groups, and institutions to create their own fully featured social environments
Open Source Social NetworkOpen Source Social NetworkWith Open Source Social Network, you can create a social networking site and help your members build social relationships with people who share similar professional or personal interests.
HumHubHumHubHumHub is a free social networking software and framework that gives you the tools to make communication and collaboration easy and successful.
UNAUNAUNA is a community management system for creating and running modern social websites.
HubzillaHubzillaHubzilla Connecting free and independent communities over the internet
ElggElgg 3Elgg empowers individuals, groups, and institutions to create their own fully featured social environments

Ad Management

Revive Adserver Revive AdserverRevive Adserver is a free, open source ad server formerly known as OpenX Source.
YclasYclasYclas is a free, open source script for classified ads, advertising, or listings


WebCalendar WebCalendarWebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application
BookedBookedBooked (formerly phpScheduleIt) is a simple but powerful reserve scheduler.
LuxCalLuxCalLuxCal is an innovative web-based events calendar for home and small business use.
SuperCaliSuperCaliSuperCali PHP events calendar


Roundcube RoundcubeRoundcube – Free webmail for the masses.
phpListphpListphplist is an open source newsletter manager
WebMail LiteWebMail LiteWebMail Lite is a fast and easy-to-use webmail frontend for your existing IMAP mail server.
RainLoop WebmailRainLoop WebmailRainLoop Webmail Simple, modern and fast web-based email client.

Surveys and Analysis

LimeSurveyLimeSurveyThe open source survey application
MatomoMatomoPiwik is open source web analytics software
Open Web AnalyticsOpen Web AnalyticsOpen Web Analytics is software that allows you to track and analyze how users use your websites and applications.
LogaholicLogaholicLogaholic was developed to give you the simplest, fastest and most intuitive view of all information.
FramadateFramadateFramadate is an online service that allows you to schedule an appointment or make a decision quickly and easily.

project management

dotProjectdotProjectdotProject is a volunteer supported project management application
RukovoditelRukovoditelFree open source web-based project management tool for a small team
Mantis Bug TrackerMantis Bug TrackerMantisBT is a free popular web-based bug tracking system
The Bug GenieThe Bug GenieThe Bug Genie is a bug tracking tool
KanboardKanboardKanboard is project management software that uses the Kanban methodology
Snipe-IT Snipe-ITSnipe-IT is a FOSS project for asset management in IT operations. 
Knowing who has which laptop, when it was bought, to write it off correctly, how to deal with software licenses, etc
phpCollabphpCollabphpCollab is an open source web-enabled system for use in projects that require web collaboration.
AdmidioAdmidioAdmidio is a free online membership management tool optimized for clubs, groups and organizations.
ProjeQtOrProjeQtOrProjeQtOr Quality-based open source project organizer
SOPlanningSOPlanningSOPlanning is an open source and free online planning that makes it easy to create/assign projects and tasks from any browser.
ZenTaoZenTaoZenTaoPMS is an open source project management system with product management, project management, defect management, test case management, document management, task management and many other features in one application.
WebCollabWebCollabWebCollab is a collaborative web-based system for projects and project management.
BugsBugsEasy issue tracking for teams
EventumEventumEventum is an easy-to-use and flexible issue tracking system.
TestLink TestLinkTestLink is a web-based test management and test execution system.

shop systems

PrestaShopPrestaShop 1.6PrestaShop is a professional ecommerce shopping cart software
AbanteCartAbanteCartAbanteCart is a free PHP-based merchant eCommerce solution that helps you build online business and sell products online quickly and efficiently.
WHMCSWHMCSWHMCS is an all-in-one customer management, billing and support solution for online businesses.
MagentoMagento 1.9Ecommerce platform for growth
OpenCartOpenCartThe super cool e-commerce solution
CE PhoenixCE PhoenixCE Phoenix is ​​a powerful out-of-the-box e-commerce store that puts you online and in full control of your business from the start.
Zen CartZen CartMaking the dream of online business ownership within everyone’s reach!
MagentoMagentoEcommerce platform for growth
LiteCartLiteCartLiteCart is a new innovative free shopping cart platform developed in PHP.
thirty beesthirty beesthirty bees is a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform that allows users to easily start and maintain an ecommerce.
Invoice NinjaInvoice NinjaInvoice Ninja THE EASY AND FREE WAY TO INVOICE CUSTOMERS
CubeCartCubeCartCubeCart is a full-featured eCommerce shopping cart solution used by over a million store owners around the world
X-CartX-CartX-Cart is a PHP/MySQL based secure shopping cart software with open source code.
Open Source Point of SaleOpen Source Point of SaleOpen Source Point of Sale is a point of sale system built on a CodeIgniter base.
BlestaBlestaBlesta calculates and manages customers automatically and easily.
InvoicePlaneInvoicePlaneInvoicePlane is an open source, self-hosted application for managing your quotes, invoices, customers, and payments.
ShopwareShopwareShopware is a highly flexible, powerful and customizable software solution that allows you to quickly and easily create an online store, whatever your business needs.
Thelia 2Thelia 2Thelia e-commerce solution based on Symfony 2.
ClientExecClientExecClientExec offers online helpdesk software designed to improve the ability of small and medium-sized hosting companies to manage help and support issues.
PrestaShopPrestaShop 1.7PrestaShop is a professional ecommerce shopping cart software
ClicShoppingClicShoppingClicShoppingTM is a free online B2B/B2C application for open source ecommerce store in PHP/MYSQL, with hands-on experience in ecommerce since 2001.
BagistoBagistoAn open source ecommerce ecosystem for everyone to build and scale your business.
MagentoMagento 2.2Ecommerce platform for growth
PEEL SHOPPINGPEEL SHOPPINGPEEL SHOPPING is a free open source ecommerce CMS written in PHP/MySQL/HTML 5.
WhatACartWhatACartWhatACart is the most customizable ecommerce platform for building your online business.
Maian CartMaian CartMaian Cart is a FREE PHP ecommerce system for personal or business use.
MagentoMagento 2.4Ecommerce platform for growth


VtigerVtigerVtiger CRM is a free CRM software that is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. Production users who need reliable support get cost-effective product support.
Dolibarr DolibarrDolibarr is software developed through additional modules to manage small or medium-sized companies, freelancers or foundations.
AkauntingAkaunting is free online and open source accounting software for small businesses and freelancers.
YetiForceYetiForceAn open and innovative CRM system
SuiteCRMSuiteCRMSuiteCRM is a free, open source alternative to SugarCRM Professional Edition
FrontAccountingFrontAccountingFrontAccounting is an accounting system for small businesses.
OrangeHRMOrangeHRMOrangeHRM aims to be the world’s leading open source HRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses
EGroupwareEGroupwareEGroupware is the leading online collaboration tool.
EspoCRMEspoCRMA web application that allows you to view, enter and evaluate all your company relationships, regardless of type
ZurmoZurmoZurmo is an open source customer relationship management (CRM) application that is mobile, social and gamified.
webERPwebERPwebERP is a complete web-based accounting / ERP system that only requires a web browser and a PDF reader to use.
ChurchCRMChurchCRMChurchCRM is an OpenSource Church CRM & Management Software.
Group OfficeGroup OfficeGroup Office is a complete online groupware.
Tine 2.0Tine 2.0Tine 2.0 is an open source project that combines groupware and CRM in a unified interface.
IceHrmIceHrmIceHrm is a human resources management system for small and medium-sized businesses
ZdooZdooZdoo focuses on Enterprise Collaboration System

Customer service

osTicket osTicketosTicket is a widely used open source support ticket system
HeskHESKHesk is free PHP helpdesk software that runs on a MySQL database
Mibew MessengerMibew MessengerMibew Messenger is an open source live support application written in PHP and MySQL
Live helper chatLive helper chatLive Helper Chat is Free, Flexible and Open Source – live support chat for your website.
Faveo HelpdeskFaveo HelpdeskFaveo Helpdesk is an open source ticketing system based on the Laravel framework
Vision HelpdeskVision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk is web-based True Satellite Helpdesk software that allows you to manage support for multiple companies in one place.
OpenSupportsOpenSupportsSimple open source ticket system.
phpMyFAQphpMyFAQphpMyFAQ is an open source FAQ system with PHP
Maian SupportMaian SupportMaian Support is a FREE support ticket system written in PHP/MySQL.
FreeScoutFreeScoutFreeScout Free Open Source Helpdesk & Shared Mailbox
UVdeskUVdeskThe UVdesk Community Helpdesk project skeleton contains the essential utilities and tools for creating and customizing your own Helpdesk solutions.
AttendizeAttendizeAttendize is an open source ticketing and event management platform with everything you need to run a successful event.


LaravelLaravelLaravel is a PHP framework that champions elegance and simplicity.
CodeIgniterCodeIgniterCodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint
YiiFramework yiiYiiFramework helps web developers build complex applications and deploy them on time
BootstrapBootstrapBootstrap Sleek, intuitive and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
CakePHPCakePHPCakePHP makes building web applications easier, faster and requires less code.
SymfonySymfonySymfony aims to build robust applications in the enterprise context
UIkitUIkitUIkit A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.
SmartySmartySmarty is a template engine for PHP that facilitates the separation of presentation (HTML / CSS) and application logic.
FuelPHPFuelPHPFuelPHP is a simple, flexible, community-driven PHP 5.3+ framework that takes the best ideas from other frameworks and offers a fresh start!
HTML PurifierHTML PurifierHTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filtering library written in PHP.
Symfony3Symfony3Symfony aims to build robust applications in the enterprise context
WebasystWebasystWebasyst is a suite of web apps that allow people to work in teams, collaborate, build websites and online stores – all in one place. 
PRADOPRADOPRADO stands for PHP Rapid Application Development Object-Oriented.


ChamiloChamiloChamilo is a fully-fledged e-learning system.
MoodleMoodleMoodle is a course management system
TCExamTCExamTCExam is a FLOSS system for electronic exams
OmekaOmekaOmeka is a free, flexible and open source web publishing platform for the display of libraries, museums, archives and scientific collections and exhibitions.
Forma LMSForma LMSForma LMS is an open source platform for web-based e-learning.
GibbonGibbonGibbon is free, open-source software: its flexible design gives schools complete control and freedom.
ILIASILIASILIAS is a powerful open source learning management system for the development and implementation of web-based e-learning.
Xerte Online ToolkitsXerte Online ToolkitsXerte Online Toolkits is a server-based tool suite for content authors
Savsoft QuizSavsoft QuizSavsoft Quiz is a web application for managing online quizzes or exams.
Moodle 3.8Moodle 3.8Moodle is a course management system

database tools

phpMyAdminphpMyAdminphpMyAdmin is free software written in PHP that handles the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web.
SIDUSIDUSIDU is a FREE database client that works through a web browser. 
SIDU stands for SQL Select Insert Delete Update.
AdminerAdminerAdminer is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP.
phpLiteAdminphpLiteAdminphpLiteAdmin is a web-based SQLite database administration tool written in PHP and supporting SQLite2 and SQLite3.


Podcast GeneratorPodcast GeneratorPodcast Generator is a free web-based podcast publishing script
AmpacheAmpacheA web-based audio/video streaming application and file manager that gives you access to your music and videos from almost any internet-enabled device, anywhere.


Tiny Tiny RSSTiny Tiny RSSTiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based newsfeed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator.
SimplePieSimplePieSimplePie is a very fast and easy to use class written in PHP that puts the simple back into a really simple syndication.
FreshRSSFreshRSSFreshRSS A free, self-hostable aggregator

File Management

ownCloudownCloudownCloud gives you universal access to your files via a web interface or WebDAV.
ProjectSendProjectSendProjectSend is a file sharing utility
NextcloudNextcloudA safe home for all your data. Access and share your files, calendars, contacts, email and more from any device, on your terms
PydioPydioPydio: Put your data into orbit!
eXtplorereXtplorereXtplorer is a PHP-based file manager for your own web space. 
It is cross-browser compatible and has everything you need.
LetoDMSLetoDMSLetoDMS is an open source document management system based on PHP and MySQL.
FileRunFileRunSelf-hosted file sync and sharing.
Monsta FTPMonsta FTPMonsta FTP Open Source PHP/Ajax cloudware that allows FTP file management to be installed right in your browser anytime, anywhere.
SeedDMSSeedDMSSeedDMS is an easy to use but powerful open source document management system based on PHP and MySQL or sqlite3.
net2ftpnet2ftpnet2ftp a web based FTP client


Seo PanelSeo PanelSeo Panel is a fully open source SEO control panel to manage your websites search engine optimization.
Open Journal SystemsOpen Journal SystemsOpen Journal Systems (OJS) is a journal management and publishing system.
MauticMauticWith Mautic, you can track leads, personalize your engagement, add value to your prospects, and effectively convert your customers.
Question2AnswerQuestion2AnswerThe Question2Answer website helps your online community share knowledge. 
People with questions quickly get the answers they need.
YOURLSYOURLSYOURLS is a small set of PHP scripts that you can use to run your own URL shortening service
Form ToolsForm ToolsForm Tools is a PHP/MySQL script that manages the form submission data.
SPIPSPIPSPIP is a publishing system for the Internet.
GLPIGLPIGLPI is the information resource manager with an additional administration interface.
webtreeswebtreeswebtrees is the web’s leading online collaborative genealogy application.
wallabagwallabagwallabag is a later Read-it application. 
You can use it to save a link (including all content: text, images, videos).
InfiniteWPInfiniteWPInfiniteWP is a free, self-hosted, multi-WordPress management platform that simplifies your WordPress management tasks with a simple click of a button
Firefly IIIFirefly IIIA free and open source personal finance manager.
Agora-ProjectAgora-ProjectCreate your own private space to share with your team.
BlaB! AXBlaB! AXBlaB! AX is a free AJAX/PHP group chat system.
UserSpiceUserSpiceUserSpice is a PHP user management framework. It was designed from the ground up to be the perfect starting point for any web development project that requires users to sign up.
DomainMODDomainMODDomainMOD is an open source application that allows you to manage your domains and other internet assets in one central place
CommenticsCommenticsCommentics is a free, feature-rich, advanced PHP commenting script.
KimaiKimaiKimai is a free, open source time tracker.
FusioFusioFusio is an open source API management platform that can be used to create and manage REST APIs.
Open Monograph PressOpen Monograph PressOpen Monograph Press is an open source software platform for managing the editorial workflow required to display monographs.
HuMo-genealogyHuMo-genealogyHuMo genealogy software.
UnmarkUnmarkUnmark is designed to help you actually do something with your bookmarks, rather than just hoarding them.
Open Preprint SystemsOpen Preprint SystemsOpen Preprint Systems (OPS) is a preprint server for managing the publication of research papers.
Omeka SOmeka SFor institutions that manage a shareable pool of resources across multiple locations.



jQuery jQueryjQuery is a new type of JavaScript library
AngularJSAngularJSAngularJS HTML extended for web apps!
Vue.jsVue.jsVue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces. 
It provides a simple and flexible API for data-responsive components.
DojoDojoAjax, Events, Wrapping, CSS Based Query, Animations, JSON, Language Utilities and much more
RaphaelRaphaelRaphael is a small JavaScript library designed to simplify your work with vector graphics on the web
ModernizrModernizrModernizr is a small JavaScript library that recognizes the availability of native implementations for next-generation web technologies
SizzleSizzleA pure JavaScript CSS selection engine designed to be easily injected into a host library
DropzoneJsDropzoneJsDropzoneJS is an open source library that allows uploading drag and drop files with image previews.
LESSLESSLess extends CSS with dynamic behaviors like variables, mixins, operations and functions.
JSZipJSZipJSZip creates ZIP files using Javascript.



Dada MailDada MailDada Mail is a contemporary mailing list manager.